How to decide are hybrid bikes for You.

Many people are talking about hybrid bikes now days. So what makes it come into the eyes of the crowd? What does it offer which is not offered by Road bike or Mountain bike?

hybrid bike

Let’s see some of the internals and physical features of a “Hybrid Bike.”

1)    Frame: The frame is well built from aluminum for strength. The low graph frame option is also provided for women rather than a single straight bar.

2)    Handle Bars: A Hybrid bike comes with FLAT handle bars which provide a straight and upright position to the rider. It also makes the gear shifting easier for the naïve riders. The handle bar can be rotated forward and backward to provide more control and comfort to the rider.

3)    Tyres: Hybrid bikes come with wide tyres as compared to Road or Mountain bikes. It provides control, grip, more speed on any surface. The tyres don’t lose the grip even on a wet surface.

4)    Material: Hybrid bikes are made of aluminum, steel, and carbon. Steel is always heavier and provides a good look to the bike, but carbon provides a neat way to carry the bike without any hassle on any surface.

5)    Gears: The shifting of the gear is most elegant in Hybrid bikes. Whether you live in a hilly area, the gear shifts are so smooth to carry yourself on a steep surface.

6)    Brakes: The most important feature provided by Hybrid bikes are DISC Brakes. These are more responsive than the traditional RIM brakes. They are certainly expensive and were used on mountain bikes for a long time. But, once your bike is customized with disc brakes, you will feel more control over any surface with more breaking power.

7)    Pedals: The pedals are detachable. We can customize the pedals based on whether we want to ride the bike on the road or on a hilly terrain. The pedals don’t have clips and can be easily updated with the new ones.

8)    Mudguard: Well, hybrid bikes don’t come with an option for mud guards but it is designed in such a way that it accepts customization of mud guards.

9)    Customization: Hybrid bikes comes with a customization option where we can attach a frame for carrying laptops, water bottle, clothes etc. for a few extra bucks.

Hybrid Bike Variants

  • Road-Oriented: This variant has more features being extracted from a Road Bike and is cheaper than the Mountain-Oriented version. You can still find rim brakes instead of Disc Brakes, frame made of steel instead of carbon, the less gear ratio for shifting, etc.
  • Mountain-Oriented: This is a high-end variant of Hybrid bikes. It proposes all the above-mentioned features with more customization.

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Of course, Mountain variant of hybrid bike cost more than the Road variant. The Hybrid bike has to be chosen based on the requirement. For office commuting purpose, a Road variant will suffice but for recreational activities over the weekend, one should go for Mountain variant.

Making an Awesome Gaming Setup

Loctek-300x300If you are like me who lives and breathes gaming then you need to think about investing a good gaming rig. Now we all know that a full fledged gaming rig can host heaps of money. Therefore, if you have been saving up for it, then good for you. And if you haven’t been saving up, well then I guess you should get started now. This article is for those who have amassed enough well to afford a triple monitor stand 24 inch .

I do not think there is any gaming setup more immersive than one that has three monitors. They do not have to be 27 inch monitors, but I guess having 24 inch monitors would be more than enough.

Now it all depends upon what type of monitor you opt for because as we know 24 inch monitors can range anywhere between $150 – $500 easily.

So if you are super rich, then you can for the likes of ASUS ROG Swift monitors, Then you will basically have a super computer display at your hand with a triple monitor stand.

What About Utlrawide Monitors?

Well if you have the money why not just go for Ultrawide monitors? A high 34 inch Ultrawide monitor would prorbably cost you less than 3 ASUS ROG Switfts. However, the screen not nearly big enough.

With triple monitor display, you have the flexibility to put them in any position you like. You also have the option to use one monitor at a time. Two monitors a time. It is also great for work session.

The only issue with triple monitors is the stand. However, some monitors out there by viewsonic and AOC are getting slimmer and slimmer bezel. This raising many opportunities for gamers all around the world.

Thanks to the IPS screen, the bezel can become smaller.

Therefore, triple monitor stand is what you should be aiming for if you are remotely into gaming.

How does a triple monitor setup look like?

Sound Bars can save precious Space for your HDTV

Wall Mounted Bar Shelves Ideas

During the past couple of years, sound bars are becoming more and more popular, even more, popular than the home theater systems. You can simply buy a great sound bar system from Amazon and with the help of sound bar brackets, can install them on the wall.

However, wall mounting your sound bar directly is not the only option available. You can also use the wall mounted bar shelves that enhance the beauty of the sound bar and overall décor of your room as well.

The reason as to why people prefer soundbars for their flat screen TV sets are those built-in thin speakers that don’t sound well. Soundbars are a cost-effective solution and a compact one as well.

Today, in this post I will be sharing some wall mounted bar shelves ideas with you so that you can easily position your paradigm soundscape sound bar above or below the TV and enjoy the most out of it.

“If you are looking for some great sound bars of 2016 check out HERE.”

Because different manufacturers and brands have their unique sound bar body, shape, size, and design, we have summed up these ideas so that they fit for any brand you go with. Take your time to go through these ideas and then apply them in your room with your own creativity.

Below the TV

Here is a great idea of installing your sound bar below the TV. The picture here shows a 55-inch Sony LED TV that is mounted on the wall room (custom built wall) right above the beautiful fireplace. The sound bar is mounted just below the TV with the help of a sound bar shelf mounted with wall brackets and the sound bar placed over it. The shelf is quite thin, and barely visible, however; you can also mount the sound bar directly on the wall. We recommend going for the VIZIO or the Dell sound bars in case you go with this setup in your room.

Here is another under the TV setup of wall mounted bar shelves. Here you can see a Samsung 55-inch 8000 Series LED TV with the Bose SR1 sound bar on a bar shelf right under it that was mounted using the sound bar brackets. Most of the shelves require drilling the screws into the wall!

Above the TV

Here is another 55-inch Samsung TV mounted on a custom built a wall over the fireplace with the Sonos Playbar installed on the top of TV on a shelf with the help of sound bar brackets. The image here shows the sound bar too close to the TV. You can keep a gap of 3-6 inches.

Here is another idea of a TV wall mounted with the help of articulating bracket that is swiveled on the left while the sound bar is also pointing in the same direction. This is rather a difficult installation and requires some technical skills. You can hire an expert for this purpose.